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Packages & Plans

First call is FREE

The first call is always free to see if you would like me to be your coach.

Feeling comfortable talking to me is everything. 

On going coaching calls.

My pricing varies greatly on what individuals need or want. Calls are always planned in advance and can last anything from 30 minuets to an hour.

Email coaching/nutrition/fitness

In a digital age a lot of clients prefer to communicate via email. Packages  vary from weekly/monthly and even daily emails tailored to the individual's level of support.

One to one meetings

Meeting in person can be a great help to some. Or something to progress to. One to one life coaching/personal training and nutritional advice is available currently only within the Essex area.

Up coming plans

Currently being developed is a 10 week weight loss through life coaching plan. Specially designed for those who find fitness scary  struggle with weight loss and need self-confidence, and are confused with the million of diets available. 

Peoples Questions

Challenge me! email your questions/ struggles and within  my blog I will try to help you see a way forward. Whatever your struggling with someone else is too. Lets help each other. Full anonymity is guaranteed with every question.    

Ready to get started....

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If you have found the plan for you or just want to find out some more information please feel free to email us using this friendly webform. Alternatively please feel free to drop me a email